Customer Satisfaction

The customer is the heart of a business, that we handle them with care & passion. Giving them our heart & soul to make every printing journey a wonderful one.

Start from the Heart

We Uphold High Standard Of Customer Service

That’s nothing more competitive than a regular small business in Malaysia, and what makes us survive & thrive for more than a decade – the customers! They are the one who supported us throughout our journey as a small printing company started with just one machine and one worker (our founder himself). Today, we have grown to a small team with several high-technology machines to catered hundreds of orders every day, we don’t forget our humble beginning.

Wolfidea Press continues to come out with ideas & innovations to serve our customer better, from investing in a better printing machine to integrating e-commerce system into our website, making it super convenient for our customers to place the order online. With transparent pricing & seamless delivery process, supported by our dedicated team of professionals, we are able to offer something better, something that customer wanted. We will be here, always, listening & providing solutions to you.

Providing Better Values

Time Is Gold

Solution To Customer Pain 

Our customers have reflected that printing services always took a very long time to send quotation, follows by an ordering process, production, and delivery. It’s a pain for customers who work in the industry that required timely response & ick turnover for their design & printing. We listen carefully or their concerns & start building an e-commerce website to solve their pains. With our fully integrated e-commerce system, it allows you to:


Monitor the status of your order


Automatically generate price quotation


Print online transaction & order receipt


Receive automatic email notification

Going Extra Miles For Our Customer

Extra Services

Value Added Services 

From time to time, our customers have requested some additional services to enhance the final printing of their design. From line crease to wax seal. We hate to turn down our customer, that’s why we always go extra miles to get the perfect printing done for them. As time goes by, we have accumulated some variety of skills & tools allowing us to produce different finishing for our customer. Here are some of the example:

Line Crease

Line Crease makes folding much more easier, usually used in menu, flyers, catalog, or advertising materials than used thicker & harder paper.

Perforation Line

Perforation Line to allow separation of two sections of the materials easily, usually seen in tickets, coupons, or accounting documents.

Digital Numbering

Digital Numbering automatically generate numbers on printed materials, best used for coupons, tickets, and other printing than required unique number. It works for QR code as well!

Need Help?

Doesn’t what kind of finishing or extra features that can bring your design to the next level? Let us help you with that!



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Wolfidea Logo

Welcome to Wolfidea | 狼印印刷

We have rebranded ourselves from Colourman to Wolfidea Press. We are a printing service provider, operating for more than 10 years in Malaysia. Wolfidea Press has been offering traditional press printing, fusing them with elegant & cultural design. We want to offer a better design blend with authentic printing.

狼印印刷,來自Colourman Online原生團隊。在馬來西亞印刷業經營超過十年。狼印除了投入傳統印刷外,也與許多地方設計合作開發與文化相關的印刷品。我們希望透過設計與文化的結合,可以傳遞生活的美好並顛覆傳統印刷的模式。

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