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Frequently Asked Questions

Solution to Common Error

Trials and errors are how we humans learn from mistakes and grow. We at Wolfidea Press been through endless trials to be who we are today. We understand there might be issues with the digital files hence we minimize human errors and materials wastage by putting jobs on hold whenever there is an issue. We aim to be your one and only solution provider and our expertise in these field matters to the outcome you are expecting.

Common Size For Print

Incorrect Colour Mode

RGB colour mode (red, green, blue) must be converted to CMYK color mode (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) prior to printing.

Wrong Size

If unsure, please download our Templates that contains the correct bleed size and formatting to prevent errors and additional charges during printing.

Critical Artwork or Text Close to Trim

Please remember to trim off any text or images on the edge of your final rendered file by at least 3mm. Known as the safety area, this is to ensure that the design does not go beyond the 1mm bleed area to prevent small shifting that occurs during cutting. Wolfidea Press does not recommend you using a border and Unable to guarantee that small borders will be the same size on all sides after trimming. 

Low Resolution Images

Technological advances meant pictures can be taken with higher quality and resolution. At Wolfidea Press, we recommend your TIF and JPEG files a minimum resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). Images with a resolution lesser than 300 dpi will be pixelated upon printing. We recommend you to always source your images from Image Bank or other sources with high resolution copyrighted picture.  Shall you wish to proceed with images with lower resolution a waiver would be presented and agreed by you for the resulting loss of quality for the print.

Missing Fonts

If you are using a page layout program such as Publisher, QuarkXpress, Page Maker, InDesign etc. We require you to provide all the fonts and typefaces used in your project. Shall the fonts and typefaces is not provided, your order will be placed on hold until we receive it. Shall your files have originated from APPLE MAC, please ensure the fonts are stuff together with the rest of the project files.

Missing Images

If you are using a page layout program such as Publisher, QuarkXpress, Page Maker, InDesign etc. We require you to provide all the high-resolution images used in your project. Shall you not supply your pictures your order will be placed on hold and our team will reach out to you to resolve the issue.

Wrong File Type

Due to our production and online printing service process we only accept specific files from specific professional graphic design applications.

  • Adobe AI
  • PSD
  • PDF
  • Larger PDF (Formatiff)

If your applications or files are not listed above, kindly download our free template. If you are using APPLE MAC, kindly ensures your file extensions are included.

Corrupt File

Who says files can’t be a lost child in the vast network land? Files are often stripped of vital code that identifies them and their original file types. Without compressing (winzip/stuff it) your files, the files are at risk of being corrupted during transfer.

We want your files to print perfectly!

Artwork Guide

Guideline for Artwork Specification

A complete artwork is comparable to successfully raising a child. Your artwork matters the most to us and to make sure it is reflected perfectly in the actual product, we listed down the concerns and a comprehensive guideline for you to browse through to avoid any issues and error during printing.

What kind of image files do you accept?


– CMYK mode artwork only.
– All font in artwork shall be in an outline.
– Artwork watermarks shall be less than 8%.
– Do not apply crop mark or guideline description in your artwork.
– We accept following high-resolution formats for images.

  1. Adobe Illustrator (ai)
  2. Adobe Photoshop (psd)
  3. PDF
  4. TIFF File

File Format Images Colourman

Do I need to provide round corner for my artwork?

No, you are not required to provide round corners for your artwork. Just let us know your specific printing specification for your printing including the round corner for artwork printing.

What is the size that we should send for print?
  • Please use actual size for the artwork you send to us
  • Every artwork should be added extra space from the actual size for bleeding size:
Card 2mm each side
Paper 2mm each side
Booklet 5mm each side
Paper Bag 5mm each side
  • Artwork design should have 1mm space between actual sizes with important design elements in your artwork for the safety zone.
  • Please remove all guidelines in your artwork before submitting the file.

Artwork Printing Size Colourman

Will you help us to design our artwork?

Unfortunately, no. We do not provide any design or editing services.

Why do my order get rejected?

We hate rejecting love as much as we hate rejecting orders, but this might occur due to wrong file formatting or inappropriate size and color mode. But don’t worry our personnel will contact you with further resolutions shall this occur.

What should I do after my order get rejected?

Shall that occurs, our personnel will reach out to you with your registered contact information and explain the issues. Resolutions will be provided upon contact. 

How can I request for additional services?

This varies with different projects hence do contact us beforehand shall you wish for any other arrangements to be done.

How to add Spot UV to my artwork?

Shall you require additional finishing such as Spot UV you are required to submit 2 versions of the artwork (1) the original artwork (2) the area where the Spot UV will covers. If your finishing does not cover a specific area, then the second version is not required.

Spot UV Finishing Guide Colourman


If you can’t relate to the answers above, please let us know below. We will reply you within our business hours.



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