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Wolfidea Press is a well-known printing commercial company. Our progression business from the traditional paper printing company into a variety and big format of printing product. We have diversified into many lines of printing product such as 3D printing, Eco printing, Offset printing, Inkjet and digital printing. Our capabilities just no limited only for printing but also in making a creative and innovative product based on your idea.

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We specialize in printing on-demand especially in corporate branding whether it’s a last-minute of business card you need to be printed or some high-quality of company folder & booklet for your own company. In addition to great printing services, our team of graphic designers will help you turn your idea into an organized, cohesive annual report. Whether you need help writing copy or you have your own content, we will help you present the information in an eye-pleasing, easy-to-read format.

We able to handle any types of commercial product form accustomed costume from a television commercial or any branding advertise a product that you want us to print. Whether you are looking for simple types of packaging for your own brand until big format printing like billboard banner to boost up your marketing campaign for your company, your idea is our responsibility to handle with care.

Save the date of your card with us and created to match your wedding theme with additional luxurious dimension to the card such as gold stamping that will make your guest envy of your wedding card. From personalized wedding venue portraits to timeline prints that tell their unique story, it’s safe to say these gifts will be cherished for years to come.

Do you have years of research to publish or any important document, we specialize in helping self-publishing authors take their book to market using our professional’s team to amend your design with our template. Whether you are interested in printing small quantity order till bulk order, we able to provide for you within limited time.

Wolfidea Press bring your IDEAS into life because we are the right partner for your printing and media needs.

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We Have Over 10 Years of Experience in The Industry

With more than a decade of experience, we can handle almost any printing job. Our expertise, professionals & utilization of latest technology in printing, allows us to offers variety of solutions for every printing project.

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Online Printing Service Provider

Nowadays, printing is no longer associated only with the commercial advertisement. With the advancement of technology & materials, infusing into the traditions of prints, it is now mean to present the creativity of arts. Every work of prints inherent their live from the creator & artist who gave them the soul to convey the unique message deep within.

Today, Wolfidea Press offers more personalize & customizable printing solution to our clients to express their message through every unique piece of prints. Topped with the quality & eco-friendly material used in our production. With transparent pricing & ease of ordering online, Wolfidea Press is built for everyone that wish to get a fine print of their work to the public, or simply for personal use.

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Welcome to Wolfidea | 狼印印刷

We have rebranded ourselves from Colourman to Wolfidea Press. We are a printing service provider, operating for more than 10 years in Malaysia. Wolfidea Press has been offering traditional press printing, fusing them with elegant & cultural design. We want to offer a better design blend with authentic printing.

狼印印刷,來自Colourman Online原生團隊。在馬來西亞印刷業經營超過十年。狼印除了投入傳統印刷外,也與許多地方設計合作開發與文化相關的印刷品。我們希望透過設計與文化的結合,可以傳遞生活的美好並顛覆傳統印刷的模式。

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